Having a bedroom with a fireplace is something most people dream of. But, creating the ultimate warm and cozy bedroom is as easy as purchasing a comforter set and a few additional pieces.

The most important item needed to create a cozy look is a fluffy over-sized comforter. Its fullness is inviting and adds visual warmth to a room. Pillows and shams look comfortable and are comfortable. If you purchase a comforter set, you can save money and time by not having to match colors and patterns. A comforter set has eight or more major items matched in color and pattern.

Using warm earthy autumn colors such as chocolate, rust, gold, and hunter green in your bedroom will give it a warm feeling. Painting your walls a light beige instead of white will make your room look less stark. Accessories to add coziness to your room can include Flokati rugs or faux furs draped across the foot of your bed or chairs. And, woven wall hangings instead of framed pictures will make your bedroom look cozier.

The ultimate warm and cozy bedroom is whatever makes you feel secure. Play with different colors and textures to see which suits you best.

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