Decorating a bedroom is a matter of personal style but removing clutter and creating space can give you a start in romantic decorating. Hide any items that give the bedroom a cluttered look in the closet, trunk, or decorative containers.

When choosing bedroom furniture choose real wood like maple, mahogany, cherry or oak. Real wood creates a classic romantic atmosphere. Choose a sleigh bed, four poster bed or large bed that is comfortable and roomy. If you are dealing with smaller space than find a bed that fits the room giving you more room to move. Don’t crowd the room with furniture give yourself some room.

Choose colors that are soft like pastels for bedspreads. Colors like pink, blue, yellow, and lavender give a romantic feel. Rich and dark colors like purple and deep blue with white wall works well too. Floral designs in bedspreads gives the bedroom a nice look. Choose quilted bedspreads, contemporary solid colors or cotton bedspreads that are well made. A bedspread with a quilt or comforter placed at the bottom of the bed gives a comfortable feel. Keep the paint on the wall neutral or light so you can have more choices when chosing drapes, linens, and bedspreads.

On the dressers use simple well designed linens that add color and style. Use dried or real flower arrangements with bright or pastel colors for dressers. Simple art work or photos that are framed can create a romantic look on the bedroom walls. Quilted or floral pillows on the bed or chair look romantic. These are some tips to start you off on romantic bedroom decorating.

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